Jun 22, 2011

Training guide   [1]
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06-19 08:59
first, we need to draw into ur attention the fact that New Zealand is a special kind of country and only by paying a bit more attention to how we prepare for war we will live or day. this is why i kindly ask you to read carefully the suggestions below and ask for any advice u seek necessary.

1. Ranking to Brigadier

Well basicaly there are many ways to rank up fast to brigadier, the 2 easiest ways with the less amounts of clicking are, using halbs (pikeman) or by using infantry with rgd like Grenadier and rifleman. and the 2 ways are similar.

First way: Buy app at Corporal then go to training at the market, before you train look at the training guide which you can find in http://knc.tlkhelp.be/training.php , check what is the right training for your rank. After you go to market you will get a message about a soldier if you want to accept or reject, always accept, it will help you with your training.
After you promote to 1st Corporal, kick the soldier you accepted and buy more apps units from one of the above mentioned and go again to train using similar tactics. After you promote from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant and you buy maximum new soldiers possible, promote your soldiers from app to standard then go train and accept the new soldier, from now on keep kicking the injured soldier and buy new till you reach 3rd Lieutenant rank, kick fee soldier and buy maximum till wage -320. After you buy and you have enough money keep kicking injured soldiers and buying new and promote all to standard after every promote (not to forget kicking the free soldier after every promote). You keep doing that till you reach rank Major, then promote all to maximum and stop kicking free soldiers and what can be promoted keep doing that, should take you in one run training to Brigadier. When you are brigadier you can rebuild into something else.

Second way: Buy 1st 2 ranks Horse archers, then after that buy only cannons or catapults and after Staff Sergeant rank promote Horse Archers to standard and keep all your other army app. till Birgadier, now if you get alot of money from daily merchanting it will be easy for you just to forceheal the first injured catapult. At brig or colonel kick the Horse Archers and buy advanced Catapult or Std minimum and start joining sfs from Brig till maj general and after that you can enjoy pvps. This way needs alot of clicking so if you want to go this way make sure you can click.

2. Archer Guide

1st step: Rank up fast to brig using pikes(halbs). My advice is you use rifles, keep them advanced until major then promote to hardcap. You may have to click twice as much, but you generate about twice more gold. We recommend rifle or grens (the 1 mill gold instead of 500k its very useful and u lose just 1 tick)
For our country u can use a mix of pikes and HA

2nd step. At brigadier dismiss units keeping around 8-10 units. try to dismiss the mst/elite and keep the vets. buy around 48-49 advanced archers ( ADVANCED!) if u dont have room for 48-49 dismiss from the 10 units u kept. after that promote the units previously left to maximum and get the free unit. train up force healing any archer that gets injured. do not promote them at veteran, keep them advanced.

3rd step. At 9500 xp dismiss the other units including free unit and keep only the 48-49 archers advanced. Replace those with apprentice healers and train till maj general healing all injuries. dont promote anything. keep archer ADVANCED and healers apprentice.

4th step. At major general buy more app/std healer, as wage allows. aim for 16 healer and 48-49 archers. Promote healers aiming to get them to advanced, promote archeer for the rest, leaving room for new healers to be promoted to advanced when ready (u need to leave like 50-70 wage for the new promo to be done).

5th step. Then click and click some more. Even if u wont gain cash, it’s possible to reach lt gen in one run, withouth losing much cash. At lt gen see how training goes. With archer/healer i got around 500 xp runs without any fh. if u fh lower number injuries u might get 800-1k runs based on luck. if one fight give u 4-5-6 injuries, dont fh, save the cash and click normal training. (this depends on the amount of cash u have, if u have more and u can afford, fh ur units. The faster u rank the better).

6th step. From general force heal your way up to vice marshal, it should be possible. When promoting through the ranks, keep healers advanced and aim to promote archers more. At staff gen u can promote healer to veteran if archers aren’t ready for elite yet.

7th step. After vm promote healer to mst but not more and rank up. sometimes u loop, sometimes u dont, but mostly u can reach gm inside 3-4 days since age start. Leave room for archers to be promoted to hero. You will loop and gain cash mostly only after they are hero.

3. Pike rank up:

use pikes ... follow the above guide for ranking to brigadier for the first part, keep advanced until u have around 48 of them, should be possible around lt col. at lt col, promote to max and train up. DONT REBUILD ... keep the pikes until u reach general. at major general u can do around 1500 xp/run, at lt general around 1000. Rebuild at general with advanced (ADVANCED) high HP units like Samurai, Rifleman or other, depending on what we will have available at that moment.

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Feb 17, 2011

TRAINING   [1]Absolut[LD]
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02-15 01:03Fastest way to brig:
take app pikes, promote them as soon as you can till they are advanced
click click click to captain with max adv pikes
dismiss all freebies on next rank
on captain: full promo
and you can click any scenario you want :)
you'll flawlessly win
 Warlord Commodore 
02-15 12:34GOOD ARMIES:

FUll Ninja+ 3 drummers
Full samurai + 3 drummers

Oct 18, 2010

Keow [WC]
10-16 08:56
well if you want to go for Sams you could buy/dismiss Fighters til Lt** then dismiss all and buy full Townsmen. Or you could buy Townsmen from Private and train all the way through to Lt** with app (or promote to std and train to Capt) Try not to buy/dismiss Townsmen at this stage of the age though (leave some for the rest of us :D) I got to Lt in one run with Townsmen without dismissing any so that way works fine
10-16 09:18
Agree with Keow about usage of fighters. It is like in euro age u want to build champ army but first step u use spearman. But a word of precaution, at baron you will get hard times with hardcapping thingy. You can get fast rank but u will suffer later :P Maybe you can get 53 or 54 numbers of Townsmen if u use lots of rehiring method.

*Editing: To avoid baron hardcapping issues take training skills on 3 heroes, like hit to 20 for supports and 15 to dueler*

By the way rong spears are not for ranking. They are excellent with anti-cav pvps. And if we look to map, many ppl will use cavs :) Later periods rong spears will be useful.

Anyway whatever you use as units, east asia countries need a great duelist heroes. I tried sammy pvp before. I was good at it. Even i defeated full magar armies. But i had 50 leadership in each hero. And a very nice duelist. So i strongly recommend build your duelist hero in good way.

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Keow [WC]
10-16 10:02
Yes. Disregard my comment about Rongs being the most amazing unit I was joking :D Most rebuild units will have trouble hardcapping at Baron, even 18+ trainer on all will be fine til roughly Marshal. Save trainer until you hit border training then make sure you put enough on to hardcap almost instantly. If you are doing enough training runs before we start warring should be able to hardcap easily. Also 53 or 54 will be fine, but less units means more can be promoted and better runs can be done, so by VM you should get rid of those extra 2 or 3 and power through :D

Hero Training   [1]
10-16 10:16Some people makes hero trainings at very beginning of age. Like first day. What is benefits? Usually you get lvl 17-18 heroes at marshals or barons. But if you have the same hero at gen ranks :P This is the hero training purpose. You will have a high lvled duelist at low rank pvps.

How we do hero trainings?

It works with your commander + your first hero. At private rank, you wont hire any soldier. And patrol market with your 2 people. In this step, you should want to lose your training runs. Your commander wont get his xp but your hero will get his xp. But it is boring.. In each 2 ticks you can click only 1 training :P or if you have a good money you can make it in each tick.

What is my advises to hero rankers?

Go to castle and hire your first hero...
Give him a helmet and start your trainings.

How you distribute your skills?

I would say...

Merchant 20-25 at first step
Melee Attack 10
Do not take Melee Defense because you will start to win your battles. And it is not necessary :P
Get your merchant between 25-30
Melee Attack till to 20
and start melee defense till to 20

If you rank to last corp rank or sergeant please give some high dmg. If the number of opposite soldiers start to being +4 ppl you can give more armor. It is your decision to stop this training but i can say make it 9-10 lvl hero then start your normal ranking method.

If your hero dies in battle, hmm you should start from beginning :P
Keow [WC]
10-16 10:20You're spilling all the trade secrets :P now we're gonna have all these grey ranks...
10-16 10:24Sowwy :P

But i said it is boring :) I have not good internet connection so hero training is more good to me than ranking

Oct 16, 2010

Choosing Units   [1]
10-16 10:02I advise you to watch the other nations activities first before u decide your units. Battle results of other sfs will help you to make your choice. If you already choose ignore this topic.

***Unit changes
Some unit changes were made for next age: Swordsman has +5hp, -1 strength and -2 wage Master Duelist has +2 strength Archer has +1 strength Marksman has -3 wage Longbowman has +5hp and +1 strength Malay Warband has -5hp and -1 ranged Tatar Warrior has -2 strength and became a pike unit
Posted by Vincent de Boer on 09-12 23:06***

Pay your attention to above note. It is really important.


What is our choices?

Fighter - Swordman - Master Duelist (MDs)
Scout - Rider - Mounted Noble
Slinger - Archer - Marksman
Townsman - Spearman - Samurai
Townsman - Spearman - Rong Spearman
Townsman - Fire Lancer - Heavy Fire Lancer
Townsman - Fire Lancer - Huochong (Huos)

MDs are like champions. Easy to make rankings. Doesnt have big advantage and disadvantage in pvps (I mean terrain bonuses). Useful units.

Mounted Nobles - Nice pvpers against infantries. Word of precaution over here... ***Tatar Warrior has -2 strength and became a pike unit*** be careful about building horsies army.

Marksman - I used them prev asia age. They are good. But they dont have devastating power. Hard to get soldier kills in pvps. Doesnt have big advantage and disadvantage in pvps (I mean terrain bonuses).

Samurai - Our best ranking units. Get your commander on forest or plains.. Enjoy with that. With high heal / leadership you can get 2k - 3k commander xp in each run. (with some money boosting)

*Editing: 2k-3k commander xp at marq rank... Dont misunderstand :P*

Rong Spearman - THEY ARE NOT HALBERDIERS... do not count them as ranking units. they are good at anti-cav pvps.

Heavy Fire Lancer - Good at pvp... Have some kills if you compare to Marksman pvp. Dont pvp them on mountains :P

Huos - Our best killer machines... Hard to build (But not like as hard as catas) Usage of Huos can make you bored. Usually loses pvp battles. But give kills more than any other units we have.

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10-15 23:00
Nice, it is the spirit :P we need at least 4 more players like you :)

Btw for your information... 44 Mst Samurai 4 Vet Samurai is the hardcapping limit. And i tried few ages ago pvp with samurais. they r not best. But they are good at pvp with bonuses. Even against Magars (try to hit them on plains).

Oct 8, 2010

swans traditional too long post (army tips builds etc)   [1]
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10-07 20:29

his remains work in progress and will be updated in small patches in between trainruns. so if u got comments u feel should be added or questions i didnt put in here yet then feel free to pm me.

in the navy u can be useful right away, with transporting, merchanting or even just providing crew. in the army u need to do some work first before u can really play the game in all its aspects. so the first part of this topic will be a guide on how to reach brigadier, the first green rank as easy as possible.

to promote your army character u only got one option at the start, to train.
with training we mean selecting a scenario, and fight it out, if u win u and your soldiers will get experience, and usually some money.
before we pick a fight we want some soldiers to aid us though.
so go to the castle (shortkey v).
here u ll see a list of all the soldiers currently available in that city, unit stocks are different for all cities.
from left to right we see:
stock, nr of that soldier available
unitname selfexplanatory
3 numbers, these are the hitpoints strength and ranged strength of the standard unit.
wage, soldiers dont risk their life for nothing, so they want to get paid for it.
cost, this is the one time cost u have to pay to hire them.
behind this is a dropbox, with app std adv vet, these are different unit ranks, but for now stick with apprentice, they re good enough for now and though higher ranked ones are stronger they cost alot more money as well.

the easiest units to rank with are halberdiers.
ill explain why later, but for now we want to get started.

above the soldiers table theres something similar to this:
Available soldiers (You have 556,624 gold with -1,164 income)
Your income can't be lower than -580 at this rank.
though at corporal (first rank) it ll say you have ... gold with 360 income, your income can't be lower then 0 at this rank.

an apprentice halberdier costs 90% of 66 or 59 wage
this means we can afford to get 6 of them.
go ahead and buy 6 app halberdiers.
now that we got our soldiers its time for our first battle.

go to the city centre (shortkey c)
then patrol the market.
there will be a text, and below it 2 options.
if it is the text about the angry merchant who wants to hit a boy then u defend him. if its something else use the button on the right to avoid the fight.

u can find the easiest scenarios in the scenarios topic.
up to brigadier u fight with scenarios, by using the list u make sure u got the easiest fight all the time, which will result in the fewest injuries, and thus the most wins and xp.

if u got the 6 halbs and used the right scenario u ll have gotten some xp and maybe some money and no injuries.
keep fighting this fight till u get your first promotion.

after a few fights or sometimes even before the first fight u ll encounter a wandering soldier, who offers u his service, we call this unit a freebee, always accept it.

once u went past the 90 xp a green line at the bottom of the fight will notify u of this as well. note that u need to go over and not to the xp. so 90/90 is no promotion, 91/90 is.

go to your encampment (shortkey e) and check the box behind the freebee and dismiss it.
now go to the castle again. u ll see that u got some spare wage, use this to buy more app halbs.
in the scenario list u ll see the angry merchant is still available, so this should be pretty simple to get to the next rank.
once again accept the freebee when u get him.

after 2nd promotion dismiss the freebee, buy more app halbs and patrol the market again.
the merchant got scared of u now, so u ll need to look for a new fight. these fights should still be pretty easy.
u ll also be notified that your first halberdiers are ready for promotion. ignore this for now.

once u get to staff sergeant (4th rank)
u dismiss the freebee, buy more app halbs.
AFTER u bought the new units go to the encampment.
completely on the top there is a promote all button, read the selections, and then make it promote all your app halbs.

ull see that you got some standard units now, which have more str and hp then the app version, but cost a bit more as well.

from now on it gets slightly harder, and there is a small chance u ll get soldiers injured during training.
an injured soldier wont fight for u till hes healed.
u basicly got 3 options:
in the hospital (h) u can see how long he will be injured, and a price behind that.
every 30 mins, at xx.00 and xx.30 there is a tic, and the small number behind inj will drop one.
if u get alot of injuries, if u clicked the wrong scenario for example u can decide to wait for them to heal for free.
this is time consuming though.
another option is to spend money to get him healed quicker.
if u pay the amount at the back he ll be ready to fight for u right away. be careful though as this can make your money run out very quickly.
the third option which is the most commonly used one till brig is to dismiss the unit, and to buy a new unit to replace it.

from now on theres a standard pattern u can use till u hit 3rd lieutenant.
new rank:
dismiss freebee + injured units
buy more app halbs
promote app halbs to standard
train the right scenario

at sgt major standard halbs will be ready to be promoted to advanced, u dont want this yet so make sure u select promote apprentice only.

the grey ranks are sort of a warm up, to get u familiar with the basics, training, buying dismissing units etc.
at 3rd lieutenant u get some more options.
when u visit the castle u ll notice that there are now some new things there.

something like:
Castle of Rio de Janeiro --- Back to centre
Commander Base Nr Wages Description
Lt General I__CHAOS__I Rio de Janeiro 6 14340 Savanna Training
Colonel I__APHRODITE__I Rio de Janeiro 1 2240 samba nation

will be above the unit table now.
usually one of them is called main army, ofcourse while writing this guide they named it savanna training...
however the idea is the same.
if u re in the same city as the army is there will be a join button, by doing this u re now in that players army.
what armies do will be explained later, as we re still in the progress of levelling, but since these armies are the most important thing in knc i found it useful to let u know about them asap.

right back to leveling:
3rd lt:
dismiss injured units + freebee
go to castle and buy more app halbs
u ll notice u can now buy to -310 instead of 0.
get as many as u can, u might lose a little money from now on every tic, but the extra strength makes up for that easily.
once u bought as many halbs as u could, go to your encampment, now promote all halbs to advanced.

ull see something like:
Average terrain bonus: (Desert: 0.5%, Forest: 3%, Jungle: 12%, Mountains: 0.5%, Plains: -7.5%, Savanna: 12.2%)
below your commander stats.
at the market we ignored this, but now it becomes important. the bonus gets invisibly added to your units, so when fighting in a positive they ll gain some str and hp, while on a minus they get a negative bonus.

u ll want to make sure u re on the biggest +, with halbs in brazil this will be +8 on both savanna and jungle.
it doesnt matter which of these 2 u pick.
then go to the scenario topic, find the right terrain and then pick the right fight again.

promote units to standard/advanced whenever possible but no further.

once u hit major u should promote units to veteran
and at lt colonel promote them to master or even elite, by now u dont dismiss the freebee anymore either, as u wont have enough wage to buy new units anyway.

if all went well u should be brigadier in about 1 hour worth of clicking.

brigadier is the last scenario rank, thats why this is usually considered the best time to do a rebuild.
ill explain this in a minute.
the first thing u should do once u hit brig and started in this country is visit the headquarters and vote for who u think would be best suited to lead the country.

before i advise u on possible rebuilds, we ll take a quick look at how a battle works first.

every battle, whether its a strike force, trainingsbattle or pvp works in the same principle.

first round, all units with a ranged attack fire at the opponent. injured units, units which have less then 50% health left are made available to be healed, and if they dont get healed are removed from the battle.
if both sides have more then half the army left standing the fight goes on to the next round.

second round: cavalry charge
during the second round all cavalry units charge in, doing double their strength as damage.
there is one catch though, pikeman, halberdiers and lancers dont take damage from this, but deal it to the charging cavalry instead.

after this round theres once again a clean up, with injured units being removed.
if both sides still have 50% left we go to the melee rounds.

in a melee round the army with the biggest number (this is where drummers come in) charges the enemy, and deal their damage.
the charged unit then retaliates and deals his damage in return.
it is possible for multiple units to hit 1 other unit, and the 1 unit that got charged will retaliate on all of them.
this is how heavy infantry beats cannonfodder like footman.

the size of armies gets calculated every round till one side drops below 50% and loses.

experience in battles is dependant on how long the battle lasts, a battle that ends in the art round only gives 1 - 3 xp, cav round battles usually are between 1 - 5 (not completely sure) melee battles usually vary between 9 - 15, but 30 - 40 is possible in some cases and in very extreme cases 70 - 80 can be seen, but this is incredibly rare.
pvp fights and strikes work differently, pvps vary between 50 - 120 usually, and sfs 80 - 140, with mainbattles going up to 400+.

by reading this i hope u get why its advised to use pikeman or halbs as train unit, as they re immune to the cavalry damage they avoid alot of the damage in trainingbattles, which makes it alot easier.
and because they deal their own damage the xp u get in a battle is decent, so u dont need loads of clicking.
(i had to do 6k battles with archers to hit brig this age, while u only need about 900 - 1100 with halbs).

right back to rebuilding:
there are 2 main goals for an army,
ranking, which has the goal to get to the red ranks, usually consists of healers, useful in strikes as the healers help make them less painful, ranking fast means u ll get the chance to lead the strike.

player vs player armies are build to deal maximum damage to enemy players, a well build army can injure/kill/capture the opponents soldiers or even his commander.
these armies usually dont rank very well.
before rebuilding dismiss all soldiers u have, and then buy your new army, all apprentice. there is some math behind this, but basicly, apprentice buycap at brigadier means u can have elite hardcap at grand marshall.

traditionally ranking armies are made with 16 - 23 healing units (shaman) and then filled with low wage infantry units. unfortunately brazil doesnt have any of these available yet. footies are nerved so they dont work for this purpose anymore.

in brazil there are 3 options, archer healer, jaguar healer, eagle healer.
archer healer works best if u start with it right from corporal onwards, so we forget about that one for now.
jaguar healer is the easiest to use, with the least clicking.
u would get 16 shaman 2 drummers, as many jaguars as u can.
if u got spare wage then get a 3rd drummer.

eagle healer:
i have to admit that i never used these myself, but i am presuming they work the same as most rank armies, i reckon around 16 - 18 healers rest eagles, but not 100% sure, if someone is please let me know.

promoting healer armies:
the usual promotionschedule for healer armies is:
everything to standard asap.
healers remain standard till u hit lt gen
healers to veteran at vice marshall
healers to master at field marshall
promote fighting units as far as possible at all times, but keep em even. to stay with the jags, u dont promote vet jags to master if u still got advanced ones to be promoted to veteran.
at grand marshall u got the choice to promote healers to elite and fighting units elite as well, or keep healers master and fighting units to hero. both options got advantages and disadvantages, but dont worry bout that till u get there.

player vs player is quite complex, as there are alot of factors involved. there are some basic rules of thumb though:
expensive infantry beats low wage infantry + healerarmies
(with low wage infantry we usually mean infantry with less then 50 standard wage)
low wage infantry beats artillery
artillery beats expensive infantry
cavalry usually beats infantry, but pikes and halbs beat cav.
this is very basic, but its a start.

looking at brazilian units theres a few options:
as artillery units we got archers cannons and eagles.
archers dont deal enough damage, so they re not worth it.
cannons are a nightmare to train, plus we got bad terrain for them, if u need this guide then i strongly ask u not to take them.
eagles: our best artilleryish option, and with +13 on jungle and savanna u can have some good fun with these.

low wage infantry
only unit we have that qualifies for this are footmen, they re complete cannonfodder, will kill enemy artillery, other then that completely useless, dont bother.

heavy infantry:
i name halbs here as they re quite expensive, they re great against cavalry, but will lose to all other infantry.

rifleman are one of our core units, decent at everything, not spectacular in something either. great unit for strikes and main army, not too hard to build and holds its own in pvp.
get 3 - 4 drummers rest rifles, and off u go.

jaguar warriors
slightly nerved compared to my memory, but i reckon they re still shredders on jungle. will beat almost all infantry, especially on the higher ranks a very nice army to have. again very easy to build, and no accuracy to worry about.

too low hp not a great deal of damage, best stay away from them.

horse archers:
mounted artillery, a nice army if u find the weakened targets, with +13 on savanna u can have some fun with this, mind u that the heavy range damage means u ll need to click alot for your experience.

not sure how they do now, they seem buffed a little, but doubt they re great.

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Sep 2, 2010

if you want to go for catapults:

This build starts at corperal, because range accuracy is the most important thing for a artillery build (same goes for crossbows btw)

start with a couple of Horse Archers. These will be your starting units because they have more than just range attack.
Get up to 16 HA's, these don't need to stay at apprentice, upgrade them when you feel you need 'm higher level. My experience is that you don't need them over adv.

when you've got 16 HA's, you can start investing in catapults.
remember you want to keep these apprentice, once you got most of 'm up to 100% range accuracy, you can start kicking HA's out for more catapults.

once you thing you have enough catapults
start leveling them. Leveling cata's can be difficult, you'll need SF's for that!
 Maj General Vice Admiral
Another very usefull site is:
guides and other usefull tools are on there :)

May 13, 2010

Heroes Points Distribution for PVPers

First Hero

  1. Merchant 30
  2. Dualist 20
  3. Mele Attack 10
  4. Mele Def 10
  5. Pike Attack 10
  6. Rgd Def 10
  7. Leadership 10
Then put points as following, note if you dont have cavalary pvp army you dont need pike attack
  1. Mele attack tlil 25
  2. Leadership tlil 20
  3. Mele Def 20
Then distribute points Mele attack till 30 and basic HP and later i put more stuff

Second Hero

  1. Merchant 30
  2. Leadership 20
  3. Mele Attack 10
  4. Mele Def 10
  5. Pike Attack 10
  6. Rgd Def 10
Then put points as following, note if you dont have cavalary pvp army you dont need pike attack
  1. Leadership tlil 30
  2. Mele attack tlil 25
  3. Mele Def 20
Then distribute points Mele attack till 30 and basic HP and later i put more stuff

Third Hero

  1. Merchant 35
  2. Leadership 20
  3. Mele Attack 10
  4. Mele Def 10
  5. Pike Attack 10
  6. Rgd Def 10
Then put points as following, note if you dont have cavalary pvp army you dont need pike attack
  1. Leadership tlil 30
  2. Mele attack tlil 25
  3. Mele Def 20
Then distribute points Mele attack till 30 and basic HP and later i put more stuff

Heroes setup For pvpers in Europe

Level 1- Leather vest
Level 2- ...
Level 3- kite shield
Level 4- bronze sword
Level 5- Bronze helmet
Level 6- ....
Level 7- Sell kite shield and buy scutum instead
Level 8- Sell bronze sword and get iron sword
Level 8- Horse (have no weight)
LEvel 9- ...
Level 10- Sell leather vest and bronze helmet and buy chainmail.
Level 11- Buy iron helm
Level 12- Sell chainmail and buy Plate Armor.
LEvel 13- Buy Banner.
Level 14- sell iron sword + iron helm, buy Broad sword
Level 15- buy iron helm
Level 16- ...
Level 17- sell broad sword, buy longsword
Level 18- buy Steel Plate armor
Level 19- sell longsword and iron helmet, buy Flail
Level 20- buy iron helmet
Level 21- sell iron helmet, buy steel helmet
Level 22 and 23 most wont reach :P

this set up works best for pvp and if u have cavalry
if u have pike bonus units, like lancer, u need to focus on pike bonus weapons ... so, for example, if u use lancer, u will need lance and jousting lance later:

Level 1- Leather vest
Level 2- ... Level 3- kite shield
Level 4- bronze sword
Level 5- Iron helmet
Level 6- ....
Level 7- Sell kite shield and buy scutum instead
Level 8- Sell bronze sword and get iron sword
Level 8- Horse (have no weight)
LEvel 9- ...
Level 10- Sell leather vest and bronze helmet and buy chainmail.
Level 11- Buy iron helm
Level 12- Sell chainmail and buy Plate Armor.
LEvel 13- Buy Banner.
Level 14- sell iron sword + iron helm, buy Lance
Level 15- buy iron helm
Level 16- ...
Level 17- buy bow
Level 18- sell iron helm, buy steel helm
Level 19- sell Lance, buy Jousting lance

for arty armies, is good to get ur hero ranged weapons. also dont forget to keep str weapons since a hero can carry both melee and rgd weapons.

Level 1- Leather vest
Level 2- ... Level 3- kite shield
Level 4- bronze sword
Level 5- Iron helmet
Level 6- ....
Level 7- Sell kite shield and buy scutum instead
Level 8- Sell bronze sword and get iron sword
Level 8- Horse (have no weight)
LEvel 9- ...
Level 10- Sell leather vest and bronze helmet and buy chainmail.
Level 11- Buy iron helm
Level 12- Sell chainmail and buy Plate Armor.
LEvel 13- Buy Banner.
Level 14- buy iron helm
Level 15- ...
Level 16- sell javelin and iron helm, buy longbow + iron sword
Level 17- buy iron helm
Level 18- sell iron helm, buy broad sword
Level 19- sell banner and plate armour and buy steel plate armor
Level 20- buy banner
Level 21- buy iron helm

well, the idea is u can combine the items as u please. u can give up some HP for more rgd or melee dmg. as ur hero grows in level, more items will be available giving u more chances to combine items.

example: instead of scutum, u can use heraldic shiel. u lose 50 hp, but gain 2 weight u can use to add more str or rgd dmg.

May 6, 2010

MTLK Training Guide made by Mege
For quick search press ‘control + f’ and enter the code next to the subject

This guide contains the following:
1) Basics of Training a9v90a
2) Methods of Training kv9sa8
3) Units Choice shjv57
4) Hero building 5b2nm
-Stuff-to-have list 2b2q5
5) Other m489c
6) Specific training sl4b6
7) List of Used Terms 8vks4
8) End words kv9isk

--Basics of training-- a9v90a

Before you can actually start training and levelling, you first need to know what way you should rank.
Before we go to talk about methods of ranking, we first check out what we should use to rank.
When you start as a Private, you will have different ways to train. The best for now is to go to the Market,
where there isn’t any difference between the different scenarios. Just accept every ‘mission’.

You will notice later (don’t try this already, first read whole guide) that from the blue ranks on
(‘blue ranks’ are the ranks from lieutenant till captain***) you cannot patrol the market anymore.
The next step in ranking is starting, and it’s actually quite simple:

You start ranking at the ground specific training places. The following places can be ranked on:
a) Woods (underground: forest)
b) Lands (underground: plains)
c) Snow (underground: snow)
d) Desert (underground: desert)
e) Mountains (underground: mountains)
f) Beach (underground: none)

There is a maximum of two of these training places in one city. A city will have a training place,
which comes with the surface, and if the city borders water you can have a beach too.
Most of the time you won’t use this, only when you have negative bonus you might try it ;).
Patrolling here is just the same as on the market, only different scenarios, but still all can be done, no difference.

This ranking can be done till you are out of the blue ranks, and even the first green rank (‘green ranks’ are from general till general**).
After this, you will see none of the former training grounds is available to patrol anymore. And no new training grounds have shown up.
The question is: How on earth can I rank from now on? Some people seem to think levelling can only be done now by joining SFs,
participating in main drops and PvPing. And those people are partially right.
Though the most important part of ranking is the so-called ‘border training’.
Like the name tells us, you have to go to the border from now on.
This training requires less then earlier training. No really, it’s easier to do ;).
Only problem is the opponents get stronger. Mainly you will get these opponents:

a) Village: This will only be the village own army, which will not be a problem at all. Villages will be available in any rank

b) Captain: You may find a Captain’s army in your way while going to the village.
You will fight them, but still you won’t find too much trouble defeating them. Captains will appear to you in any rank.

c) General: A General’s army is of course stronger then a Captain’s army.
You will find this army in the way ever from general**, so just after you get used to border training it gets harder already ^^.

d) Marshall: The Marshall’s army is the biggest army you will face in border training.
That’s why you will only face them after you reached Baron. Just like the generals,
the Marshall’s army will give you quite some trouble in the beginning.

This ranking can be done till after Marques, and so this is the last ranking method you will have to know.
Now you know how you can rank, it’s time to go to the next subject:

--Methods of training-- kv9sa8

Generally you can see two different types of ranking, named as:
a) Buy-Dismiss method
b) Rank and wait method ;)

a) The Buy-Dismiss method is based on the simple fact once a unit gets injured,
you just dismiss it. This ranking method is mostly used with spearman.
But more on that later on this guide. This method is based on 4 steps,
which should be done after each battle. They are:
1) Dismiss all injured units.
2) Rebuy all with apprentice units.
3) Promote all
4) Upgrade Hero

Now it depends a bit on your strategy if you use this as a whole or parts.
I suggest for all ranking armies (which I’ll discuss later in this guide) you should use this buy/dismiss method,
and for all pvp armies (especially the ones with ranged accuracy) you use the second method,
which I will tell you about in part b). Anyway, the only way of using the method as stated above is when you use spearmen to rank up to general fast,
and rebuilding after (NEVER use spearmen to go to marquess, once it gets to stage 3 (halbediers) they are too weak..).
If you use other units (like I suggest you do if you do not have an urgent need of reaching general (for setting up HC for example),
you do the same except the ‘promote all’ button. You want to give your units as much XP as they can naturally, in other words,
you want to have enough units as fast as possible, and start normal ranking as soon as possible. This means you keep your units app.
For example with footmen you’ll have enough units in no time, but for most ranking units you will have to go on a bit longer.
Normall @ cap*/cap** you’ll have enough units to go on (more about what’s ‘enough’ later in this guide). This is about it about the method itself.

b) The Rank and wait method is real simple. It’s the same as you would rank after the buy-dismiss method.
You simply rank till you are out of units (this means till you have less then, let’s say, 10 units.
Not really a number to call here, depending on your rank and your amount of leadership on your hero.
For example in private rank you only have 8 horses, this doesn’t mean you already have to stop training :p.
But be reasonable: never push training too far, it will only cause you deaths resulting in shorter runs later.

--Units Choice-- shjv57
So, now you know how to rank, and the methods to rank. Now I will let you know what units are good for what purpose:
Available in every country:

- Balista – Catapult – Trebuchet (max. units on marq: 35, suggested number: at least 30) :
This is a pure PvP unit, you should not use this unless you are really sure about what you’re doing.
If build properly this is a killing machine, but the slightest mistake makes you an easy target.

- Footman – Swordman – Champion (max. units on marq: 43, suggested number: at least 50):
One of the best ranking units, definitely for starting rankers, but also a lot of good rankers uses it.
Especially in the period those units become champions (between general** and marshall) these units are really good for ranking..

- Footman – Swordman – Longswordman (max. units on marq: 61, suggested number: at least 70):
Good PvP army, though I think you should mix them with other PvP units, for example a longswordman-berseker mix.

- Horseman – Lancer – Royal Lancer (max. units on marq: 32, suggested number: at least 35):
Real good PvP units, top PvPers use it (together with militia armies).
Lancers are best agains other cavalry (knights, camels), but also beat normal ranking armies.

- Horseman – Knight – Royal Knight (max. units on marq: 32, suggested number: at least 35):
Maybe the best PvP army if proper build. While knights do better against infantry armies then Lancers,
they really get an advantage when they reach Royal Knight, because they also get ranged here.
This is why a good Royal Knight army can really slaughter other high ranks with the ‘normal’ ranking units

- Peasant – Militia – Mercenary (max. units on marq: 129, suggested number: at least 140):
A unit that is only used as PvP unit (some exceptions are made though,
but all normal people only PvP with them :p). Used to PvP since they will beat all but strong ranking armies
(Vikings/champs/temps) but beat all PvP armies. They are also cheap to heal.
Disadvantage is they die easily in main drops/SFs and they suck for the country.

- Slinger – Archer – Longbowman (max. units on marq: 53, suggested number: at least 60):
A PvP army too. Not used as often as peasants and horseman, but still able.
Also need to be build in the right way, might be best to mix them with balistas.

- Spearman – Pikeman – Halberdier (max. units on marq: 43, sugge
but never should be used longer than that. In the higher ranks they absolutely suck,
only beating some cavalry armies in PvP, but not ranking well nor good in PvPing other units.

- Available in specific countries only

- Bedouin – Azab – Janissary (max. units on marq: 52, suggested number: at least 60):
This sands-only unit is probably one of the best ranking units in the Europe version.
I suggest as a starting ranker you use footmen. This unit is best for captrainers since they usually won’t come off desert and thus rank with +8 most of the time.
So unless you expect to spend a lot of time on desert/forest I suggest you don’t use them.

- Bedouin – Camel – War Camel (max. units on marq: 54, suggested number: at least 60):
The PvP-promotion of the Bedouin. Especially on the sands they are really to be feared,
but out of the desert they can still win, though not do as much damage. Still a good choice

- Templar – Templar Knight- Templar Master (max. units on marq: 39, suggested number: at least 42):
Maybe THE ranking unit. Because of it’s great bonus on plains (+8) this is the ranking unit of a lot of top rankers
(for example Crazydude always use these units, and won ranking a lot of times now)

- Scout – Horse Archer- Heavy Horse Archer (max. units on marq: 41, suggested number: at least 44):
A PvP unit again. Has the same ability as Royal Knight, but less strength and more Racc.
A bit nerved a while ago so not so strong anymore as in the old days, still a nice unit.

- Scout – Tartar – Tartar warrior (max. units on marq: 54, suggested number: at least 60):
Strong in larger numbers, less HP and strength then other cavalry, but also less wage, so more to use ;).

- Viking- Viking warrior – Viking Champion (max. units on marq: 38, suggested number: at least 41):
The ranking unit on snow. Like Janissary on desert and Templars on plains, this is the third real ranking unit.
A bit the same as the Jannies: only use them when you plan to stick to snow most of the time.

- Viking- Viking warrior – Berseker (max. units on marq: 37, suggested number: at least 41):
Best infantry PvP-unit possibly. Like I said before, mixed with longswordman this could be a real good army
(mix to get larger numbers generally)

- Crossbowman – Arblaster – Arquebusier (max. units on marq: 39, suggested number: at least 42):
Good PvP unit again. Artillery, so needs to be build properly. Has some strength too, so can do some serious damage.
Doesn’t kill much, but at high ranks can flawless almost everything when build properly.

- Crossbowman – Double Crossbowman – Repeating Crossbowman (max. units on marq: 39, suggested number: at least 42):
A little less strength, but more Racc then arquebusier. This one is the true killer!

--Hero building--5b2nm

Now you know all about the units, how to rank, and different methods of ranking, the next step should be your hero.
How to build your heroes? Like the other stuff, there isn’t THE way to build your heroes. There are different methods,
though I will describe the three most common ways. These are the following:

a) Normal Heroes
b) Pure Ranking Heroes
c) Pure PvP Heroes

a) The normal way of building your heroes is the following. You have 2 types of heroes: duelling hero and support hero.

Your first hero should become the duel hero, the second and third hero are there for the support.

First of all you should know that a duelling hero will have to take all duals. Next you should know that in a dual,

strength is more important then armor. So first choose the best weapon, then fill up the rest of the space with armor.

Now I will give you a way of building your first hero, the way I do it. This part isn’t the only way to do it,

everyone wants specific skills earlier or later, so you should just try some things for your self.

First of all, I start giving him trainer. This because I need to get to hardcap sooner or later,

and this is the best way to grab the most trainer XP. After you have trainer at lvl 10, I got him some duelist skill.

Not too much though, rest can be given later. Now you want to give him actual duelling skills. Starting with melee attack,

most important duelling skill. After you got this to lvl 10, get melee defence. Now start boosting your melee defence to lvl 20.

Now your hero should win all duels, making you get no hero injuries because of duels.

Now you also want to give the following skills after this: leadership (how smaller your army, the more you need),

merchant (for extra cash, get this to lvl 20/25 minimum), pike attack and ranged defence are also nice in a later stage

(especially pike attack is needed as soon as you decide to get a horse for your hero) and, maybe most important of those, healing.

All points you can miss, should be given to this skill, especially if you want to rank.

Now you know how to build your duelling hero. Second and third hero are build the same.

Most important skills: healing, merchant, trainer and leadership. No duelling skills should be added here,

since your first hero will handle all duels ;). So you want to know in which order you should give it? I think first healing,

then trainer, followed by merchant and last but definitely not least the leadership.

So, now you know all about the skills. Next stop: items. What armor and what weapons to buy.

Mostly (when enough money of course) I use the following for my heroes:

What to have at which level? 2b2q5

Level - Item

1 - Leather Vest
2 - Bronze Helm
3 - Nothing
4 - Kite Shield
5 - Bronze Sword
6 - Nothing
7 - Iron Helm
8 - Chainmail
9 - Iron Sword
10 - Buckler, Bandages, Herbs
11 - Banner
12 - Plate Armour
13 - Nothing
14 - Broad Sword
15 - Rosary

Of course there is possible a variation in this scheme. Out of training you should not stick to this,
but sell all healing items on your duel hero, and replace them by armor. After lvl 21 you will have max armor and you can let the banner on your hero,
and at lvl 23 you can also leave some healing stuff on them ;).

b) Pure Ranking Heroes

For pure ranking you need to know one thing: Your heroes will not be able to defend themselves good against PvP heroes,
and you will probably suck in PvP. But like I said: Pure ranking. Most important thing to remember:
Healing is everything. So instead of making a duel hero, you will have three ‘support heroes’.
Healing, Merchant, Leadership and Trainer are the only 4 skills important for you.
The rest can be forgotten. This will result in the longest training runs.
No real difference with buying stuff for your hero, just stick to the scheme above.
If you do really well you can always add nice duel stuff to the hero.. But first try maxing out most important stuff.

c) Pure PvP Heroes

Pure PvP heroes are quite different from ranking heroes. Most important stuff you should teach him is duel stuff.
The melee atk and def at first, followed by pike atk if you use a horse (I suggest you do) (pike atk, not def!! remember),
and then followed by some ranged def. maybe. Even more important is to give one hero (I suggest the first one again) dueler skill.
This means that hero will have a bigger chance of dueling with an enemy hero. This will also result in more points for this hero.
Good PvPers have a duel hero that is way higher in rank and XP then other hero(es).
You might ever want to consider hero training. Hero training is nothing else then start as a private,
get a hero, sell his dagger and start ranking. This way you will lose the fight (well I hope you do,
winning isn’t a thing you want now), so you don’t get XP, but your hero does!
This way you can get your hero already like 600XP in front of normal heroes.
Just make sure to rank up in time so once war is there you have your army ready ;).

--Other-- m489c

a) Force Heal issues

Of course you will force heal normally when all units only have 1 tick to go, this will make you train a little faster.
O wait, did I forget to mention force healing yet? Force Healing, a term used for healing your units before time does (costing gold).
This part isn’t about that, this is about force healing once you are at marques rank. You can chose two types:
direct or 3/2 tick force healing. Direct means you just force heal whenever a unit gets injured.
This is not beneficial in the lower ranks, but once you have a lot of healing (at marques) you will see this will bring you lots of extra XP.
The other method is based on the fact you don’t wait anymore till your units are (almost) healed,
but already FH after three ticks (or if you still have trouble using all your money even after two ticks).
This will also make you do a lot more training runs in a day.
I personally think the first method is best, say you get 10M gold cash, if you burn it directly (use it once a unit gets injured)
you get 1 long run. Even if this just brings as much XP as the other method,
you don’t have the chance of getting captured at the end of the run with lots of gold on your commander.
And it would be a waste to throw away 5M gold ;).

--Specific training-- sl4b6

Now you have learned all basics about training, I will just tell you one more thing.
The way I always build my army. This will just be a quick guide, not every single step again since you should be able to know a lot by now.
I will let you see two different methods, champion training and templar training.

a) Champion Training

Champion training should be build up from private. Use buy-dismiss method till about captain,
you should have 60 now or so, and this is already way too much actually. From now on keep your units,
promote them as much as possible and of course give them trainer XP.
I gave that to my hero (using the normal hero build) very early. Make sure you do every battle you can,
don’t mind having a loss once in a while, those last winning battles can give you between 50-120 XP. Very useful ;).
Ranking up you should notice that, if build correctly and with enough activity, you can really rank great in green/red ranks.
My personal record: Rank from gen* (12k XP) to princess in less then 24 hours (done twice). This period they transform to champion,
and that’s really the best period ;). After that, work yourself through the royal ranks.
Make sure all merchant items your hero gives you should be sold and used to FH.
All equal or higher then dyes should be saved though (the higher the better) for end of age,
to use when you have highest healing. Use whatever force heal method you want, I tend to use the direct force heal.
Well, nothing more to tell you about this method I guess :)

b) Templar Training

Templar training needs to start with buy-dismiss method and pikes.
At captain*/captain** rebuild to templars and directly stick to them (so no more buy-dismiss).
Use all your trainer XP on the templars to get back on hardcap (you should get yourself about 42/43 templars and one footman).
Rest of the ranking is quite the same as champions, only make sure you are on right terrain
(same as champions, though even more important since it’s not just a +3 bonus, but possibly a +8 or +6 bonus).
Templars are a little harder then champions in green/red ranks, but make that up in royal ranks,
where they have quite a big advantage (because of their bonus).

--List of Used Terms--8vks4

MTLK: Medieval (The) Last Knights

Grey Ranks: Ranks from Private till sergeant **

Blue Ranks: Ranks from lieutenant till captain ***

Green Ranks: Ranks from General till General **

Red Ranks: Ranks Vice Marshall and Marshall

Royal Ranks: Ranks from Baron/Baroness till Marques/Marchioness

Ranking: Getting XP out of battles, with the goal to reach a higher rank

Trainer XP: XP that can be given away to units and that is received when your hero has the trainer skill.

PvP: Person versus Person. In other words, attacking an other real player and his army

Racc: Ranged Accuracy, how good your units are at aiming. Devers from 45%-90%

Force Heal: Healing your units before time heals them, using gold.

--End words--kv9isk

Now you should know about all important stuff about ranking. Now the most fun part comes:
Ranking is only a small (though esseciential) part in this game.
More things you could focus on are: War, PvP, Leading the Country (being LD/HC/WC), etc.

More info and guides are on http://mtlk.tlkhelp.be

E.g. a HC-guide, but also how you should plan wheels (taking more then 2/3 lands in a tick
(you can do over 20 SFs in a tick if you know how to ;) )), etc.